Things To Be Considered While Hiring Moving Companies!

It is obvious that when it comes to the term ‘ Move and Pack’, people usually become stressed. There are numerous factors to look at for the successful completion of a move. From planning, packing, loading, unloading, delivering and rearranging the belongings, you need a professional and experienced staff to help you convert this challenging task into a smooth and relaxing event. Moving can become an extremely challenging task if you don’t have the right people and professional team to assist you. There may be hundreds of removalists in Canberra and across Australia, but not every mover can make your move smooth and offer you reliable services. This blog will take you through the factors you must consider before you finalize your moving crew and save your hard-earned money, time, and efforts and relocate your valuables safely and without any damage. 

License and Insurance

Every individual dream to establish his own business nowadays. But that doesn’t mean that every business is registered and authorized to operate. Any group or individual with vans and trucks may call himself a removalist but may have no knowledge on how to make a smooth move. This is one of the significant factors you must consider before you hire a moving company. Ask your moving company if they are licensed and authorized by the government to work. Also, ensure if they offer insurance on the moving of your goods. This will protect your goods and ensure you a damage-free move. 

Google Reviews

Google reviews hold equal significance as the recommendations from your near and dear ones. Shortlist a few movers and read their Google reviews to learn more about their services and dependability.

Google Reviews

People usually drop their opinions and experiences in google reviews, especially in the case they had an extremely good or bad experience with a particular moving company. Google reviews can help you know about the aspects you would not have known otherwise and assist in making the right choice. 

Public Recommendations Is Must

Recommendations from people you trust or who have moved recently is one of the reliable ways to hire a mover. The people who have recently moved with a professional team can very well explain to you their genuineness and services.

Public Recommendations Is Must

Based on those recommendations, you can easily analyze whether your requirements match that moving company’s policies and packages and make the decision accordingly. There is a possibility that your friend or relative may have a bad experience with a high-rated moving company, and a person may have an amazing moving experience with a low-rated company. You can get an idea about the house moving services, charges hit by the company, attitude of the workers, etc., from your known ones. Based on those suggestions, you can decide wisely and choose a reliable relocation company.

A proven Track Record Of Success

It is always a wise decision to choose a company that has been in the industry for several years and is more aware of each and every aspect of a relocation than a company that has recently entered into the market. In this era of technology, google is the primary weapon that helps you know about a company or an individual. Before finalizing any moving company, check their work record and success. Depending on the years a company has been in the market, transparency in their charges, conditions and policies they offer, you can choose a moving company that has proved their capability over the years than newbies.

Wide Range Of Services

Hiring a company that offers all the moving services will prove to be a wise choice. A relocation company with complete services will offer you everything, including planning your move, packing all your valuables including hefty items, providing quality packing supplies, loading and unloading your goods using professional equipment, delivering your goods at your residence, helping you to unpack and assemble them all. A professional moving company offers moving services to all sized apartments, from a studio to a big sized apartment. 

Transparent Rates With No Hidden Costs

A pricing policy is the major step of that ladder that determines the genuineness of a relocation company. Some companies charge you on an hourly basis, while some charge on the number of goods to be moved, some consider the distance to be moved while some consider the number of movers to be employed for the relocation. You must ask your moving company for all the pricing-related information before you shortlist them. Ask them about the services on which they may incur additional charges. A reliable and genuine moving company will always have a transparent pricing policy with no hidden charges. 

Avoid a Blank Moving Contract

Some of the fraud-moving companies ask the consumers to sign a blank contract and assure them to frame all the policies in that contract later, which they discussed by consumers verbally earlier.

Avoid a Blank Moving Contract

We recommend never signing a blank contract as you may end up losing all your hard-earned money. Ask the moving company to give you everything in writing. Go through the contract thoroughly before signing it. Check the dates, policies and prices and then finalize it. This factor will also assist you to distinguish between a genuine and a fake relocation company.

Esteemed Reputation

The moving company you choose to assist you must have a good reputation in the market. A good reputation is earned through years of hard work. By checking various factors such as the ratings and reviews of the company, recommendations from informal sources, and the tenure of years they have been in the marketing will help you decide the reputation a particular company holds in the moving industry. Through this, you can analyze the reliability of the moving company and decide accordingly.


All these factors will help you analyze all the aspects of moving before you finalize choosing a removalist. Once all the factors suit your moving requirements, you can choose a professional and experienced moving and packing company like us to make a smooth and stress-free move. Removalists in Canberra will understand your requirements and offer you an obligation-free quote. Get in touch with us for booking a comfortable move.