Simple Ways To Relocate Pool Table

If you’re relocating, it’s likely that you’ll want to carry your pool table with you. Pool tables, after all, are a load of fun and a fantastic addition to any gaming room or basement. Pool tables, on the other hand, are among the largest and heaviest equipment to transport. They range in size from 7-9 feet long and can weigh over 700 pounds, making them difficult to transport. Moving a pool table is actually a lot more difficult than you may expect. 

Their bulk and weight make them extremely difficult to move, and if you don’t take the proper measures, you risk injuring yourself or your pool table. So it’s necessary to take the appropriate steps to protect yourself and your pool table during relocation. Consider the following guidelines for relocating your pool table securely from one location to another. 

Collect The Appropriate Supplies 

The pool table comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and moving from one place to another requires different strategies. From a normal pool table to a huge billiard table some important items are required for the safe move. Gathering the necessary items is the first stage in preparing your pool table for a move. Keep in mind that moving a pool table necessitates disassembling it, for this you can use some specific tools and supplies:

  • A measuring tape 
  • Dollies
  • Drill with a powerful motor
  • Screwdriver with a flathead
  • Snips and other cutting implements
  • Wrench for sockets
  • A staple remover is a tool that is used to remove staples.
  • Moving blankets and bubble wrap

Measure The Doorways And Pathways 

Measure The Doorways And Pathways

It’s necessary to make sure you have enough space to move the table out of your house without damaging it. Take measurements ahead of time to ensure that you will be able to remove the pool table without causing any damage. Measure the stairwell, doors, hallways, and any other areas where your pool table will travel with your measuring tape.

Whether you’re relocating a pool table altogether out of your house , you should always start by taking measurements. Of course, you should double-check that the table will fit in your new place. 

Disassemble The Pool Table

Disassemble The Pool Table

Before moving further you should label everything. All that you remove during the dismantling is required to be carefully categorised so that assembling it back will not create an issue. There’s nothing more frustrating than moving a pool table across town and having no idea where the screws or bolts are when it comes time to unload it. So follow these steps to disassemble the pool table with proper care 

  • Pick Up The Tools– Make your toolbox fully equipped with safety glasses, a set of flathead screwdrivers, a power drill, a level and have something to remove the staples from the felt. To ensure the damage free move covers your pool table using thick moving blankets, bubble wrap and packing tape. To make reassembly easier, label all of the screws, bolts, and nuts in resealable bags.
  • Detach The Pockets- Although the pockets on pool tables can be fixed differently, they generally are secure to the table using the right staples, screws or bolts. Remove the pocket with extra caution using safety glasses and keep the pockets and screws together.
  • Remove The Rails– Detach the bolts from underneath the rails and then slide them out.  In case when rails are attached to each other, flip them over together before disconnecting and then place the bolts in a labelled and sealed bag and properly wrap the rails.
  • Detach The Felt- In this case you require lots of patience and steady hands. Firstly determine that the felt is connected to the table by staples or glue. If staples have been used then detach the staples. If glue has been used then gently pull the felt backward until the felt has been removed from the slate of the table. 
  • Detach The Slate– This heavy work should be addressed properly. The slate is usually screwed into the table frame so you should use a power drill. Often the screws can be tricky to find as wax has been used on the head of the screws to prevent damage. So scrape the wax before removing the screws and put the screws in labelled and sealed bag.and ensure that the slate is well protected before relocation. 
  • Remove The Legs– Remove the bolts that connect the legs to the frame, then re-seal the bag with the bolts in it and cover the legs with sheets or wrap.

Carefully Wrap And Protect All Parts 

 bubble wrap

After you’ve separated all of the parts, make sure to pack and protect each one. You must carefully wrap each part of your pool table in moving blankets before loading it onto a moving truck or storage container. Wrap each drop pocket of the pool table in packing paper with care. If you still have the original box of balls, you are free to put them inside. In a cardboard box, store your pool triangle, chalk, and other supplies.

To avoid causing damage within the box, wrap fragile things in packing paper. Cover the larger elements, such as the rails, legs, slates, and frame pieces, with thick furniture blankets. To add to the protection, wrap any corners or sensitive sections in bubble wrap. To keep the cushioning and blankets secure, use packaging tape or wrap. Once the pieces have been wrapped, it’s also a good idea to label them all. This will make putting the pool table back together a lot easier. 

Load It Using A Dolly 

While some pieces of the pool table may be lifted by hand, the slates are extremely heavy and should only be moved with a dolly. If you don’t move these heavy items properly, you risk injuring yourself or your pool table. While loading the pool table, make sure the dolly is locked in place and have extra support nearby in case you need it. To avoid damage during transportation, avoid placing any heavy objects or cartons on or near the pool table.

How To Reassemble The Pool Table 

It’s time to put the parts back together in the destination room. Reassembling it presents a number of challenges. Here is a step by step guide for reassembling: 

  • With the pool table upside-down, you’ll need to reinstall the legs or base under the frame. This indicates that you will require assistance in flipping it back over.
  •  You’ll now need to add the slate. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as installing it the way it was before. The slate must be levelled in relation to the floor. You’ll need to use shims to level the table entirely. Otherwise, you’ll be out of the game. The job of levelling the slate is more challenging than you might assume. The job of levelling the slate is more challenging than you might assume.
  • The floor you chose for your pool table in your new home is almost probably not completely level. The best approach to get your pool table back into good form after transportation is to level it. You’ll need to wax the seams after they’ve been levelled. Beeswax can also be used to fill in screw holes. The wax will be melted with a gas flame. Once the paint is dry, use a metal paint scraper to smooth off the surface. 
  • The felt and rails will be added next. You’ll need a razor blade to cut holes for the bolts after the felt is in place. This is a time-consuming and difficult phase of the procedure. You might use the metal paint scraper to smooth up the felt and remove any air bubbles. The difference between a sweet shot and a scratch can be determined by bumps or folds in the felt.
  • Now It’s time for the rails. You’ll need to tighten the rails and fill gaps while also making sure there are no wrinkles in the felt.


Relocation of a pool table is a difficult task but following these tips can make it a little bit easy for you. But if you are finding it difficult to do then It’s wise to leave moving a pool table to the professionals. Even removing some components of the pool table is difficult. A professional will inspect the frame for wood cracks and joint breaking that you might not notice. They are, of course, the best competent to level the slate because they do so on a daily basis.

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