Items Making Your Move Extra CHALLENGING

Moving is never a cakewalk. It is physically and mentally draining. Every step of the move needs to be minutely planned and well-executed. Any lapse at any point of the relocation is likely to make it an unpleasant experience.

The relocation compels people to leave their old homes and localities and shift to a completely unknown place. This is emotionally challenging as old friends, and their memories of happy get-to-gathers are left behind.

And the task becomes more challenging when one has to move delicate and fragile items that are costly and highly valuable in terms of antiquity. These items break at the slightest collision, friction, or mishandling.

Removalists In Canberra have painstakingly prepared a list of risky items to move-

  • Jewellery and Cash

Relocation of the house comes with added anxiety. And in such chaos and confusion, it is normal to misplace jewellery or cash. Some even misplace them or forget them during short stays in restaurants or hotels during the move. Many people may not feel comfortable allowing professional movers to pack jewellery or money. People often forget the exact box or bag where such valuables are kept while moving.

Jewellery and Cash

To avoid their misplacement or related stress, keep them in a small handy bag that you can take in your car. And if one is still suspicious and fearful of losing them, pack them in every box and bag in small amounts. It is a highly tested method to avoid losing money or jewellery.

  • Plants

Plants can be tough to move. Plants are living beings, and this makes their move more challenging. Though there are chances of their survival while moving locally, plants won’t be able to endure an interstate move. Also, the varying sizes and shapes of plants make them difficult to move.


It is important to make them lighter when moving short plants. The plant pots need to be replaced with thick plastic boxes that are lighter and easy to carry. The pots can be sold or neatly packed in a box with proper cushioning and padding. This will save the pots from any friction or collision during the move.

It is advisable to move your plants in your vehicle where they are better cared for and are not suffocated.

  • Pets

Moving pets is the same as moving your children. They also require proper care and handling because they are sensitive to the changing environment.


  1.   Dogs and Cats

Relocating pets such as dogs and cats is risky if not properly planned. Any loophole in your plan of moving can be fatal for them.

So, when moving dogs and cats, make sure you are well aware of the rules and restrictions in the new place. Take them to the veterinarian for a routine checkup a week before moving. Get them vaccinated and immunised if there is a need. Always get a health report from the vet about your pet.

  1. Fish Along With Aquarium

Moving fish along with the aquarium poses unique challenges. The aquariums are very heavy yet delicate. Also, the pet fishes living in them have to be moved.

Fish Along With Aquarium

Thus, an aquarium must be properly and tightly packed before moving. Qualitative and thick materials with proper cushioning on the edges are used to pack the aquarium. Special efforts are made to keep the aquarium with enough fish food.

  1. Birds Along With Cages

Moving a bird and its awkwardly shaped cage is problematic. So, while moving a bird’s cage, be extra careful to properly close its door so that the bird does not escape.

Birds Along With Cages

Use tie wraps around the cage and particularly the door for extra security. Also, keep some seeds that the bird could feed upon during the move. The water container could be diligently removed before the move to avoid any complications later.

  • Heavy and Bulky Items

Heavy items are difficult to move. Owing to their large size and too much weight, it will require many people to shift them from one place to another. And when doing so, the chances of injuries and related damages are the most.

Heavy and Bulky Items

Items such as sofas, beds, wardrobes, and refrigerators are heavy and require proper planning and technique to move them. At the same time, a musical instrument such as pianos and sports equipment such as pool tables poses unique challenges while moving. They are heavy yet antique and delicate pieces. Thus, shifting them can be a highly difficult task.

  • Costly and Fragile Items

These items are very hard to move because of their cost and delicacy. If you are moving a house, fragile items are more prone to damage and scratches. Some of the delicate items that require extra caution while moving are the following –

  1. Glasswares

The most difficult part of moving a glass or chinaware is to keep them intact in a place while moving. Even the slightest friction between them would result in permanent damage.


So, while moving glassware, it is important that their proper packaging is done. Proper cushioning and padding should be placed between while packing to avoid damage.

  1. Electronics

Electronic items are delicate and break easily. This can make the relocation costlier. Electronic devices such as to monitor screens, televisions, phones, etc., have high chances of getting damaged while moving.

Thus, extra precautions should be taken while packing to avoid such damages that could put quite a pressure on one’s pocket. These items should be packed properly and accordingly loaded and unloaded during a move.

  1. Antique ArtWorks

Antique artworks are difficult to move because they have a very high sentimental and monetary value. The mere thought of moving such items is scary and enough to give us panic attacks.

The photo frames and paintings should be carefully packed and properly arranged in a box with cushioning. Bubble wrapping could be a great option. The statues and sculptures could be packed separately in larger boxes with enough profuse padding on each side of the box.

  • Liquor and Specific Drugs

It is hard to move liquor and specific drugs as the local laws of the places differ. While some cities or suburbs may allow liquor or specific drugs, others might strictly prohibit them. Thus, these items may invite punishment, fines, or payment of extra money to get the permits. It is important to research the laws related to such items before planning your move.

Also, it is important to pack such items carefully with bubble wrappers so that they can easily observe any shocks during the move. Any negligence in packing liquor bottles is likely to give you high nerves while unpacking.

  • Arms and Ammunition

Extra care and special treatment are required when moving any arms, ammunition, or explosives. Any weapon you are moving could be illegal and invite heavy punishment or fines at the new place.

Hence, the local laws must be well known while moving such items. Also, one should ensure that proper documentation is done and a permit obtained while relocating your weapons with you.

  • Cars and Other Vehicles

The best way to move your car is to drive it to your new home. Or, if that is not possible, hire a reputed automobile shipping company. The two-wheelers could be easily placed on long trucks with proper prior packaging. And if possible sell the two-wheelers at good prices if offered. It is better to buy a new one at your new place.

Moving vehicles require a lot of paperwork to be done. So make sure that you get all the paperwork-get your car registered in the new city, update insurance, and transfer your driving licence- done on time.


Relocation is a challenging task in every aspect. And when one tries to move items mentioned above by oneself, extra mental stress makes their removal even tougher.

Any effort to move these items by yourself is likely to be futile and makes them more prone to damage. Here, hiring professional movers would be economical in the longer run. The professional movers are experienced and highly skilled. They are well-trained and acquainted with the techniques and modern equipment for loading and unloading such items. This, in fact, minimises any damage or scratches these items may sustain during relocation.

And if you require professional help while moving such items, Removalists In Canberra is the place to be. We have a well-trained and professional team of removalists who make your relocation very smooth and efficient. Such fragile items are properly packed using the best available packing materials and successfully transported at affordable rates across Canberra. We focus on the best service delivery and cover your costly and fragile items under insurance.

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