Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide the packing supplies?

If you’re moving with Removalists in Canberra, then you need not be bothered about packing boxes, tapes and other supplies. Our packers come fully prepared to pack your essentials of all sizes and forms. However, a pre-moving evaluation is required to collect all the moving material.

Do you charge more than regular rates on weekends?

We are the most affordable movers in Canberra. Yet, a fair surcharge may be implemented if you plan to move over the weekend or on government holidays. Also, our team faces a high demand on the weekends; therefore, the cost is more than usual.

What safety standards do you follow to safeguard furniture?

We wrap your furniture in heavy-duty blankets to protect them from debris, scratch or any other damage. We also have customized plastic shields to safeguard your dining chairs, mattresses and lounge suites.

Is some storage space available at your warehouse?

Of course, we own guarded and equipped storage spaces of different volumes and units throughout cities and suburbs in Australia for temporary and more extended periods.

Do you offer free estimates?

Of course, we offer free quotes to our valued clients once they specify the requirements and preferences. However, you are in no- obligation to accept the quotes.

Do you move the pre-packed items?

Of course, we move the belongings that are already packed by customers.

Do you have a fixed rate or your charge on an hourly basis?

We charge on an hourly basis. The exact cost of moving depends on many portions, such as the number of objects carried, day of moving, and the kind of extra services availed, which might sometimes vary. Thus, to maintain flexibility in cost, we have an hourly charge while moving. We do offer obligation-free estimates assessed on the information you give us for more concrete details.

Do you provide insurance for the belongings you are moving?

Moving home is viewed by insurance companies as one of the highest risk times for damage to happen. While the damage ratio is relatively low, Movers and Packers Canberra take particular actions to preserve and transport furniture and other belongings cautiously. However, some things are out of our control, and the chance of damage increases. Therefore, we always suggest our customers strongly consider taking out insurance. We have multiple policies available.

How can I move my pets?

Pets can really become stressful during moving. Continuous opening and closing of doors, mess and piles of items can make your pets feel unpleasant. We suggest you arrange a pet sitter on the day of moving.

What should I do if the moving date changes?

You are recommended to inform us as soon as possible if your moving date changes. The minimum time to notify us is 24 hours.